Friday, December 19, 2014

No Christmas Tree This Year

The end of 2014 is just around the corner, and we are getting ready to finish our projects the best way we can, while having some time to think and consider the year that have passed by. Making plans for the next year was never my thing, I usually don't make BIG plans. I know they can change in a blink and I run the risk to be disappointed. Instead of that, I like to make plans as I go, according to the situation.

This year, for the very first time in a life time, we decided it's time to make a change. We don't welcome a Christmas tree in our living room anymore. The main reason is that we want to make our friends aware that our resources are not unlimited at all. Earth as we know it will soon change for ever. I don't want to seem cynical or hypocrite. I know that we are far from recycling the way we should to make a difference, but that is precisely the reason I want to start with this little step. I see cut trees all over the place, in all markets and at the hypermarkets entrances. They are cutting so much for the profit, without thinking that one day there will be nothing left. And we keep hearing this every year, but we never take measures. We say - if the trees are already cut, why not buy?

And there is another problem: Many families with children taught them that Christmas means having a Christmas tree, how to change that? Well, when very little, children don't know what a Christmas tree really is. My niece, who's only 5 months old, doesn't know it for sure. When children are growing a little bit, they can be explained why there shouldn't be a Christmas tree in the house.

But where all this Christmas tree tradition? After all, Christmas trees were not so popular until 1848 when Queen Victoria convinced her husband to have a Christmas tree as he had in his childhood. This tree was featured in an illustrated magazine at that time and suddenly the Christmas tree became very popular. People felt an incredible urge to copy the queen, so the demand for Christmas trees, as well as Christmas decorations grow incredible large.

I grew up having a Christmas tree every year. I can't remember not having one. But after the last two years when we had a Christmas tree in a pot {we lost one and the other is beautifully in our country yard}, this year we are going to say "No" to having a Christmas tree.

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