Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another autumn night

Silence. Just the rain drops dancing on the asphalt. Silence. Just the rain in the night and its beautiful refreshing smell. After a beautiful warm autumn day, which can be very well called a genuine summer day, the rain came in town. We were expecting this to come, but I thought it will be colder than it is for this hour. You can actually leave the window open and listen to the rain drops. You can enjoy it to its full, thinking of the next summer. Oh, the summer! I already miss the warm days, precisely because this summer was too - WAY TOO HOT - to enjoy it. We had over 40 for more than 1 month and that was terrible.Having 40  and something during the day(not in the sun!), but 24 or so during the night was a ....nightmare!

It started to rain even more. I can hear some cars passing by and I see the public light going on and off: they didn't fix it. It's been like that for more than 2 years now, as I recall. I've closed the window and come back to my laptop. It's a lovely autumn night and I should go to sleep with my Sex at Dawn which I hold next to my bed.

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