Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm an angel

It's hard being an angel. People staring at you like you're not there or something. Hearing "I'm an angel" make them just smile. Like yea, you're not for real. Like a real angel should have white wings and a small little circle above the head. Like we should be all invisible and help you get through hard moments or push you to do this and that. It's nothing like that, you do all the job. You make the decision. And, most of the time, you call for us and expect to be there.

I've helped an old man with orientation yesterday. And when I say that I mean the directions for where he was heading, because it was an tourist wanting to see the old city. Old city was on my way, so I've decided to guide him until the destination.

People act strange when they see you want to help them. The question "May I help you, Sir?" makes one to wonder if I don't want to cheat on them, steal their money and run away. This man answered: "um, Yes and No!" ..."Hmm, Yes, I want to get to..." People are so unreliable nowadays that you cannot blame them for thinking such thing.

Yes, there are living angels among us and I'm one of them. People look odd at me when saying that, but I'll continue doing it because this is it what I am: an angel. I have to be there when people need me. I have to keep an open eye when walking down the street. And pay attention what people say around me, you never know when one may need my help.

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