Monday, September 24, 2012

I feel blessed

And I am {love}  

And when I am, I grab some papers, materials and other useful stuff and start "digging the project". What else can I do? It feels sooo good! This is not quite finished as you can see, there's a stem missing on my Inspirational Journal cover, not to mention the leaves, IMAGINE I dyed some beige string with green water colours and totally lost it in the Goodies' box! ;-))) That's so hilarious, isn't it? 

And take a look at these color crayons!

After taking the crayons picture, I draw my first silly 'painting' in years! 
It was indeed a happy day!

And the first page of my inspirational journal is ...the above one! because when you live the life you imagine everything seems so easy and so handy, even if sometimes can be exhausting! 
I can also say: "Imagine the life you want to live", because when you think big! things happen! Imagine, dream with your eyes open and things will come along the way
if you cannot do affirmations, the do imagination! 

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