Thursday, September 6, 2012

Here comes the inspiration

I just wanted to get home to create something, but on my way home what I did was to lose myself in the stores and waste my time there. I was unable to move my feet home and I only arrived after an hour or so.
And when I got home, my mind moved from creating thing to "creating words". I had so much in my head, but let it all go while sitting and having my lunch. After that, my mind seemed to get blank and none of my previous ideas were there any more.

I was telling you about this guy who practically went to hell and back again just to be alive and be able to walk again. I keep thinking of him when my mind is telling me 'I want that, I desire the other", because this way I'll cherish my blessings and remind myself I am a beautiful, lucky, blessed woman with almost everything one could ask in life: all I have to do is focus on what I have, what I know, what I'm good at and start from here. See where I can get. Do something actually. Get set for the action. Go with the flow. I know all this sound a little bit idealistic, but that is the reason why people don't "move" in their lives. We tend to do the same things all over again and expect something to change. Well, ain't gonna change if you're doing the same thing all over..BUT it will sure get better at some point if you keep trying and trying until you get the results you're satisfied with.

I have this strong feeling that doing something will eventually get back the results wanted. 

When you do something, it's impossible not to have results. I know those can very well let us expect more than we want, but at some point you'll look back and say "I DID IT!" And the feeling will be great! I'm sure of that! And speaking of which, I really have to do something with my moving to Barcelona idea. I don't exactly know what should I do and what is the next step, but I believe I'll know when the moment is right. I will just know. I will feet it. IF and only IF I'll be aware of the signs.

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