Monday, March 5, 2012

When the sun comes up

I like early mornings. Correction: I love them! It's that part of the day that has such an incredible energy and you feel you have a long way ahead. You can drink your coffee and set for the day, build up your schedule and see what's do be done for the day. Mornings have something special, like also have the late nights. But I realize this feeling has to do with the ones biorhythm - not all people are full of energy in the morning. I like to be up very early just because the sun invades my bedroom with its light, and I have a yellow-orange wall where the sun rays create magnificent spectacular appearance. I like early mornings with coffee and biscuits, in front of my computer setting the tasks for the day. I love summer early mornings and now that we are getting over winter, I have to say I'm anxious  for summer to come because being March already transformed the day from a short one to a pretty long-light one! :-)

I'm gonna bring my coffee and then I'll get back to some writing expecting to be finished!

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