Thursday, March 8, 2012

SELF.COM - is it only about self?

Some pasta idea I've found the other day at, an lifestyle website with catchy eye! I love the SEX & LOVE section, full of cozy articles to laugh about, especially when you had the consciousness not to let yourself fooled by some society rule that indicates the dead-line for a marriage, the time-running for having a baby and so on...! Drop all this! Life cannot be "walled" into some magazine article, you have to follow your heart, do what your intuition tells you and never do stupid compromises that can put in danger your integrity!

Anyway, I've tried that recipe, but made it a little different: no meat, just tomatoes, union, garlic, a little water, some oregano and or course, pasta!!! ;-) It was delicious! I had a little bit rest from yesterday and ate it for lunch today.

Also browse Self Blogs, how having more firends could get you a better career! (oww!)

Also, I've entered my chance in some online coffee shop and I've realized I haven't tried my coffee at PAUL'S today, when it's Women's Day!

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