Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 Things to do this month

This month is the start for the spring and there are some things that you absolutely should not miss this month! At least, I know I won't!

1). Flowers, flowers...
First of all, I want a month full with flowers of all kind. Flowers are very expensive on March 1st and March 8th, which are known to be the women's days and flower shops are into taking all the tribute for that, blowing the prices for every single flower. But after March 10th, things tend to set down and you can actually buy flowers at their real price.
2). Smile more often.
Yes, I like to believe I'm a smiley person, but am I...really? I mean, I like to think I'm an optimistic powerful woman, but when it comes to really do the things, it seems harder than expected. A smile shouldn't cost that much. Right?
3). Focus on things and actions that really really matters.
Like studying for my medicine admission and focusing more on chemistry. Reading more books and spending less time "flickring" the internet and Facebook or Yahoo! messenger.

All that said, I really think I should come back to this posting from time to time, like once a week, just to remember what I set my mind to!

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