Sunday, March 4, 2012

And there it was

When you think we are looking and keep looking for answers all over the place, when they are deep inside us and deep...near us. At hand. We just need that state of mind to let them out. So earlier today I was listening quite buddha bar like music and there it hit me! Why don't I and can't I leave the country?! The answer was right in front of my eyes, my counscious was answering me all the questions in the world. It is because here I can still go out and  still can pay my bills and still can buy some fancy (not brand, though!) clothes. Because if I move I might have to work my ass very hard every single day to pay my rent, pay my bills, pay for food and all this. Here I have a part of them as I don;t have to pay rent and the living house facilities.

I'll be back later, it's a sunny day and I want to enjoy it with my lover.
Last night to went to see a play at the Nottara. it was fantastic. Later with details!

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