Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am LOVE (Building my future)

This is when my future starts. As I've told you, I thing I've manage to figure it out what is what I want: to have a flexible, home, online-like job and to work from where ever I want and whenever I want, to be able to choose my  working time, when to sleep, when to eat, when to work! And all this are soooo possible right now, right in this moment! It all starts in here, starts right now! I have to believe this and make it true as no body is going to believe it for me, and even so, I HAVE TO believe in it! So I've decided to do more work and actually do what I want: handmade earrings and accessories and then sell them to people that appreciates the art of uniqueness at a fair price for me and for them. And I've just realized WHY I haven't sold anything until now: is because I haven't trust myself for what I am, a pure, unique person with beautiful, magnificent talent of doing special things. I work with LOVE. I am love!

This is what I most want to know. WHAT IS MY DESTINY? Why I am on this Earth? Why I came here? What is my mission? I have to find the answer at that question and in order to do that I'll have to follow my intuition, let go with the wind, with the here, right here and right now. I cannot be somewhere else, but NOW. let the show begin!

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