Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women's Day

Lovely day, I said to myself this morning at about 10AM. Then it really was, until I got to hear my mother saying out loud: we have water at the underground floor! WHAT???! What happened? Later I've heard that some piping in the other bathroom when flushing the toilet was the problem that caused the flood. Was then when I understand what happened: the toilet jar was moved a little and the pipes where removed from the wall. Or something like that ....and the water found its way to make a bit...bit flood. So big, that we had to work for about 2 hours and a half to make it clean. We have to clean almost all the house, except 2 bedrooms where the water was not so high...but 2 bedrooms (lucky, there were only some boxes with stuff, no furniture!) were severely damaged and the work to make it clean was terrible. I had muscle pains for about 2-3 days after...

Anyway, the weird thing is that we don't know exactly what made that toilet jar to move or who flushed the toilet so that the system then blocked and the water keep running out of the toilet tank causing the flood.

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