Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I've spent about $15 this month for the women's magazines...

As I reviewing the magazines I've brought the other day, I've realized that out there are women who are actually gift hunters, staying right there are waiting for a magazine to get out of the print and get on the news stand. Is this actually a sport or something? How many women do this on a regular basis? Do this women need the products offered as a gift along the magazines??

As I was wondering that, I could not notice the fact that I was one of them this March. I went to the news stand to actually shark the magazines with the gifts inside and measure their potencial: do I need that lip stick? Is that shampoo what I should use for my hair? How about that hand cream?!? I couldn't decide what I need the most, so I've took one AVON pink lips stick, one ALMOND Watson shampoo and...that's about it. I would have loved that lip gloss too, BUT I've decided to buy Cosmopolitan without it. What a pity! it was only half dollar more than the regular price. But I had no clue!

Anyway, this 'sport' can get us all if we don't pay attention. I've spent about $15 this month for the women's magazines...BUT I did so thinking that this is March, the women's month, and I'm gonna treat myself in every way. As a matter a fact, I'm going to pay a visit to Paul's, my fancy cafeteria I was telling you about and haven't finished the whole story...

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