Friday, March 16, 2012

What do you do when somebody reaches the end point?

You go crazy. Speechless. Your world seems to have crushed into millions of pieces. STILL, there is something you should think of: future is not that dark as you plant it into your mind at the moment.

The person is gone, you're not!

Think a little bit, nobody knows what's on the other side. No one can say if it's bad or good, if there's a green open field filled with poppy red flowers. But what they say is that there is a definitely greatest silence you've ever concur before. There is peace of mind, peace of the non-existing body and the peace of being one with the God Itself. I believe there is a state that everybody here is willing to achieve, but none can't because we are so small thinking, so limited in our thoughts, so limited in our beliefs. I've heard that there's a lot of happiness out there, but not in the way we see it or understand it right now.

The person in question is released.

As never before. They cannot feel anything but happiness, a truly release and there's no fear, no wonder, nothing but peace.They can see you crying, struggle into this hopeless situation, and they will feel bad about you. I believe people that leave this world want us to be happy, not crying and mourning ...

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