Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is this going to be cloudy all the time?

I'm telling you, these days were hard for me. And they still are. I haven't seen the sun since ancient age, and I feel like's the end of the world. How do people live here, when there's no sun for days?
And here comes Love
As you can see, there's a ray of sunshine 'dancing' on the wall behind me. ;-) BUT it's a shy one! And it is said that Norwich / Norfork is the sunniest place in UK! 

I went to the coffee shop and treat myself with the biggest cream caramel coffee frappe they have in the menu: I needed something to remind me that life's beautiful and ...hmm, sweet! As I was sipping and the caramel melting into my mouth, I got my eyes on a guy entering the shop: he was unusual dressed and wearing an odd hat. Who is this guy? Maybe the rest of the people know him or he's familiar with the staff here, who am I to ask when I just got here?! But maybe that's why I should have ask him before he went out...maybe next time.
Until then, I'll get back to my translations, strange how English doesn't seem so complicated all the sudden. ;)

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