Saturday, May 19, 2012

A perfect rainy day

This seems to be a perfect rainy day. I'm all alone, enjoying a glass of green juice/smoothie and making the most of it: relaxing in front of the computer writing this. Yeah, you probably would say that I should lay in bed with a cappuccino or hot chocolate. Maybe, but I got up today thinking that I should make this Saturday mine. And this is what I just did till now, when talking a break to finish my translation, then eat some almond cheese with tomatoes and union and ..uh, a little piece of avocado. .And now I'm going back to the kitchen to finish things up: meaning wash the dishes and prepare some avocado pate!!! And...ummm, some sponge cake,,maybe! I'll leave this open while I keep myself busy and come back to add a few lines and maybe pictures with food! yam!

I have the cakes in the oven and I'm waiting for them to bake! I also have a terrible (for me) headache, and I say terrible because I don't suffer from this very often, in fact, I'm even wondering if I don't have a low magnesium-calcium level or I'm not drinking too much water... :( Going to see the cake..

And the cakes are ready: not so sweet as I wanted them to be, just because I didn't want to put too much sugar and have them too sweet. BUT I can drop some fine sugar on them and they are sooo yummy! The thing is that doing house keeping and all those raw creams and pates took my appetit for sweeties. I have a coffee next to me, the headache is still there, but I would say the pain is a little bit softer than earlier. STILL, I cannot keep wondering where this pain is coming from!? I 've also took 3 calcium-magnesium pills (you can take up to 5 a day) and I was hoping this shall pass. But here we go again, I really feel dizzy, tired (I have worked a lot these days, been up early and went to bed late)

I'm having a bite of this nuts and cocoa cake and sip of this fantastic coffee I've made myself. BUT I really think I should lay in bed for a few hours or so, and even try to get some sleep. I will post some photos with the cakes later ;-)

EDIT: May 20, 2012
Here are the photos with my cakes :-) I made just two, so I won't eat too much of this! LOL

These two should be two hearts, one with blueberries and other similar fruits, and the other one with cocoa heart and nuts! Nuts about you! ;-) But they ended up being a little bit distorted - anyhow, I don't know where the blueberry one disappeared because I couldn't find it in the fridge. I guess my mum took it or my dad and eat it all ! Or some guesses came in and she offered them the treat...with lots of sugar on top, I may guess, because, as I was telling you, I have used so little amount of sugar!

Here is the core, so flossy! That's all I had, because the rest was "stolen"!

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