Thursday, May 17, 2012

Design. Interior Design

Design! No matter what, it's all about creative stuff! And, of course, something that can be use somehow!
This is one of the many passions I have: interior design. That fact that I've never finished an architecture school made me wonder about my abilities; I am ready to make a change, I'm trying different things (among which is medicine), but I am ready to start over?

Here are some web pages I've found, and wanna check back later.
London, Design Museum: (

The design observer group:

Milk? No, it's Design Milk!

And the one that includes many industries and I love it: Design org:

At the Design Museum shop we sell the most beautiful, innovative and intelligently designed products and publications from around the world. All proceeds go towards funding the museum.

I am love. I am happy. I can do it. I am a YES person!

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