Monday, May 14, 2012

A new project

While writing this post can't help wondering how fast will I finish this new project: I'm waiting for the texts to be sent by email, about 30.000 characters for translation (15 pages) and 20.000 (10 pages) for reviewing. And I'm a little bit anxious about it, even if I know what the text look like, because the person who wants them translated sent me a sample of it last week, on Friday. Now, we shall see. :-)


And the work started a few minutes later when I've received the first 3 files for revision. I returned the job after an hour, the texts were pretty short and general, so I was easy for me to correct them and deliver.
Now I'm on 'round two', with another two large files, one it's 7 pages and the other 13 pages long. I'll deliver them by tomorrow, so I have to go back to work. Not to mention I still have my usual daily on going project text that I have to deliver by tomorrow at 10AM.

I am love. I am happy. I can do it. I am a YES person!

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