Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another rainy day

photo by B o B ___W h i t e
A rainy day in Norwich

I feel how is like living in UK. The weather is very cloudy and the rain seems to have no beginning and no end. The drop are rolling  over my big window, dancing a crazy dance only they know. And I only can feel it. I see people passing by with big umbrellas, running to get home and have a 5 o'clock tea.
I'm looking at the picture next to my laptop, picturing me and my beloved one at the billiard, and I can't wait for him to return home. He was out of town with work for the end of the week, and I felt his absence while he was out.

The rain has stopped now and the sun tries to over come the clouds, but it seems it's more likely to have a cloudy light then a sunny one.

I have some lower stomach, the sign that the menstruation is coming and I have to take care with food and drinks these days, otherwise I'll suffer more.

I'm going to eat something now, it's past 5pm and I haven't had my launch. Maybe because I had breakfast at 12:30PM! ;)

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