Sunday, May 13, 2012

Relocating may not be the key

Have no time, nor the patience to actually write about it, but I've found these web pages to meditate on: Where are we running and why we want to move: I want to live and work in Spain, UK citizens move in Spain as well looking for a better life, Italians want to live in UK, Bulgarian look forward to France and Israilians are relocating where ever they feel it's better, and for them anywhere else is better than the native country. BUT WHAT are we all hitting?! We all look for a better life, but we don't actually see the real problem: any place of the world might be hit by recession, and it wll be at some point, sooner or later. The economy as we know it and the monetary system are wrong, we have to change something. In this rhythm of consuming and over consuming the goods and services the Earth itself as well as the nations will go down. We cannot go back, but forward. And the forward step is to change something. We cannot continue like this.

Here are some web pages to consider: read them, study them, meditate on them!
  4. The one talking for itself: 
  5. Moving Truck Courtesy of the Recession: What it's like to relocate because of the downturn. An articles about Americans.


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