Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little bit of this, little bit of that

We all have dreams, and hopes, and wishes, and we all hope that this or that is going just the way we want it to be. But sometimes you don't get what you want. Sometimes your way is full with surprises, not always pleasant. And when you get that, you tend to blame the destiny or you call yourself a bad-luck person. BUT the fact is that you get what you deserve in life, and if you go out load and all you can give is misfortune and bad thoughts, guess what you're about to receive back?!

I have that fall over the stairs and I'm recovering pretty well and fast after it. At least, I think so. I went to see the doctor and the doctor didn't recomemnd to go and do a x-ray. But I'm going to see her again this Thursday and ask her (again) if it's really not the case to run some x-ray. I'm not a doctor (just yet!), but I can say I'm better then the other day. I have a light pain, which I think it's pretty normal, talking into consideration the fall and the area where it's located. After all, we are talking about my spine here. And the spine supports all the body, all the moves, all the reactions. I am LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY! I am tell you this once more BECAUSE I really definitively feel that way. I can walk and I walk pretty good and pretty fast, I just don't want to make any rush movements to put in jeopardy my already damaged spine.

I can say and see this is happening for a reason: all my life I've being trying to figure it out what is what I need to do to be happy, to fulfil my dreams, my wishes, my goal. And yes, this is the problem, I do NOT know what is my personal goal. And nobody can actually find it for me. I have to do it by myself. There are - yes - people that help you recognize your goal, your wishes (yeah, some of us don't even know what they wish for!), your goals and so on. BUT they cannot tell you what to choose, or if they do so, they are broking the holy individual right of being objective, they are broking the law of arbitration by which every single person on this Earth should only choose for himself and not let others decide for him, letting aside children or disorder people. Even though I believe children should also choose for themselves, parents or tutors being the ones that help them decide, but only by seeing what the kid actually wants and have a  gift for, not guiding the little one driven by the parents interests, wishes (to become a doctor, for example), etc.

I'm leaving you with this: Live your life as you want it to be lived now, and don't wait any other moment. Don't wait for tomorrow, for the perfect house, perfect job, perfect husband or wife, perfect marriage (I've heard that too!) or perfect WHAT-SO-EVER! You LIVE FOR NOW, don't waste any minute. And when I say that I mean to live by the good laws of mankind: be kind, be honest, be open, be friendly, do no harm, be magnificent! Be whatever you want to be, just don't hurt other people, because it may come right after you at some point, when you least expect!

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