Monday, June 4, 2012

So much to say

To write about your life is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot nerv to write without being afraid of the hard judgement of other people, specially that of your friends. It's pretty hard to open your heart and call the things on their name. It's pretty hard. I know that because I felt how it's like when I first started to put my thoughts in here. I still have that strange feeling of being naked in front of the whole world. BUT that's the thing: when you're not afraid any more, that's the moment when you start to actually live this life! because it means you don't care about the things people believe about you. It's like 'who cares, really?' YOU don't. And there we go.

The reason why I write about this is because people have this particular fear of opening for the world or even for their friends. I have a friend who's afraid to start writing a diary. She is afraid that somebody may read it and laugh about her, judge her thoughts or feelings and most of all, publish all that online. Even so, she said she'll rather start an online private blog than to have a paper diary. She feels this way that she's safe. And she probably is, because I believe she'll not publish under her real name. 

I've opened the computer with the mind set for writing something here, but this is not what I meant to write in the first place. I'm past due with the letter of the week and the latest news about the admission simulation and other things that happened and I haven't got the chance to write about. And I feel I'm going to forget the first impression and I don't want that. Like for example, what I felt like when I've seen the results from the admission: I was expecting a low grade, but not that low. But it was a fantastic 30 and something experience I'm really proud I've tried. I will come with details about the faculty tour and the anatomy dissection class, about the bodies, the students in the pre-residency or early residency doctors who kindly explained us what it means to be a medical student. 

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