Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The is always a first time for everything

Next week I'll have my first fly and I'm a little bit anxious about it. I've never been in an air plain and I've always wanted to fly and see how it feels. Or maybe that wasn't the real reason: the real reason I wanted so badly to fly is because I so much want to travel the world and see new different places and cultures. But this urge to see this and that got fast into regression when the crisis come over us and the hope for something better was vanished away. And the thought of relocation, too. I mean, there are people in Spain who cannot afford to pay the rent or the mortgage and what am I dreaming about?!?

But getting back to our trip, I truly think it will be marvellous, in that particular good way! And I'm going to enjoy every moment spent there. It's out first trip together on board and it's the first fly for both of us. What a beautiful trip will that be!

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