Monday, June 18, 2012

And so this week-end...

This week-end I had an accident. And it was bad as I've hurt my spine and had some pain. I was a little scared at first, then realized this ain't gonna help me at all so I just went and thought what to do. Now I'm waiting to see the doctor and run some tests. I believe she'll send me to see a specialist so we can make sure nothing is broken or damaged in there. Well, broken it's pretty sure it isn't because I would be in great pain, but I have to make sure everything it's OK before I move on.

This wasn't the week-end we planned. We were just about to get started with the project when I fall down the stairs. All Saturdays was a pain for me. And a pity I could only watch and do nothing. Well, I have done a little bit and that, but just small things, you can imagine. I AM LUCKY that I am ok now, even though I don't know for sure. Now I'm going to see the doctor.

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