Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Design and inspiration

I started to look and look further for design inspirational blogs that bring my creativity at a high level and let my mind fly away. I so much love to read all those blogs that are so inspired! Here I had to 'bookmark' this blog: I love the colors and structure and I bookmarked into my fav from the very first second! The link is about vintage bathrooms with class. We are so modern nowadays that we totally forget that old 'glam' a vintage room can have: a bath tube made for special relaxation, a white-so-simple furniture, made from real genuine wood and no other "fake" materials. I, I mean I find it very romantic and sweet! I would love to refurbish old furniture and give it a new face. But here where I live most of the people don't appreciate this "trend" and continue to buy new, poor quality furniture that lasts only a few years, then go again and buy a new one and so on. Even though, I've seen people interested in old stuff, especially if it's a family object. All I have to do is to 'tease' the marketing and see if there is a real potential. But first I'm going to start with my old refrigerator. ;-) You'll see, I'm not going to say anything else!

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