Friday, June 22, 2012

Sex and the girl friends

As I was watching the sex and the city tonight, I've realised that every woman has a little bit of the characters: I'm a little Samantha bitchy, I'm something of Charlotte, I'm more like Carrie (except I'm not a smoker!), and just a little bit of  Miranda. And the friendship "dance" the all 4 are playing: nights out, early-mornings and crying desperate cell phones they give and receive. I realize that I'm more a men's friend  not becaouse I don't like women friends, but because I had no goody-women-friends with whom I could actually talk and not feel uncomfortable! Or being criticized! Like all women tend to do when you're our of the moral social believes, trying to be yourself and ending up with no real girl friends, because they are all afraid of who you really are or who you may become. Is that so important to women, that they leave behind a friendship!?

YES, it is. Most of them would leave in a blink. But are they right?! It's really such a big thing this social label you get to wear when you grow up and people expect you to act in some particular way? I guess I've never been a 'playing by rules girl', but I've known how to balance the truly me with the so wanted social copy of what I should be considering to others' opinion.

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