Thursday, June 21, 2012

What do we do when we cannot say goodbye? - Letter of the week (6)

I say goodbye to things in my life that are blocking my spiritual growth.

There are moments when you want to leave the past behind and start fresh. When you truly have the will to move on, but you feel there's something left behind, something ...unfinished. And that it's true. You're totally entitled to feel this way. Sometimes we cannot let past behind if we never had the chance of saying "good bye". And we feel like's something unfinished there that needs to be done and you think you have no idea on how to do that.
The past is gone, the future uncertain. Today is now and I face it head on.
I'm not referring here to the people that have passed away and we didn't had the chance to say our last "goodbye", but to the ones that left our lives without actually saying a thing. Why people choose to be so cruel? Do they hide or something? can't stand having their last talk with the person they want to exclude from their lives? And why is this "unfinishness" feeling so badly? Why we feel this urge of finishing it?

I have one million thoughts about this. I feel sometimes I can let it go and never look back. I really do feel so. But then something happens and I'm facing again the person who have left so abruptly. Literally face it. And don't know how to manage my feelings, what should I act and what should I say if necessary. I guess sometimes all you have to do is just let it go. It may seem easy to say and hard to do, but I guess it's up to you if you can do it or not. You should have no problem, especially if you focus on present, that way you don't have to worry about the past.

I release my chaotic monkey mind. My mind is clear of distractions. I am focused.

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