Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Your life purpose is...Letter of the week (7)

Of course, I have so many dreams and I'm going to play one little tiny game so that I'll finally get to know what my life purpose is: why I'm on this earth and what I am meant to do with my life?!
For that, I've found so many articles and I even got two with the same title (who on Earth would write an article without checking first is there is another one with the same title? Especially when, as a writer, you DO RESEARCH your paper!?!), but one of them really got my attention. It says there that are 3 steps you should follow in order to complete the process of "what to do with your life?" And these are:
1). take a paper and a pen or simply open en word editor on your computer
2). Name it "what is my real life purpose on this Earth?"
3). Start writing whatever comes to your mind, being a phrase or a sentence, or even a single word. It doesn't matter, you just put it down without thinking too much. It should take about 15 or 20 minutes to complete that, and you may surprise yourself entirely writing things you've never thought about it. But keep writing until you write something that will make you cry. This is when yo will know you've found your life purpose. This is when you got to meet the pure happiness! ;-)

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